02.15.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 15, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “Do you ever feel like the important parts of our lives are planned before we do them?” Topics: More on the Bozeman fire investigation, wolf hunting and trapping near Yellowstone, high school names, and the renovation of the Ellen Theater.

HOUR TWO: Amazon leaving New York, Trump to sign continuing resolution then declare national emergency, William Barr new attorney general of the US, Democrat Debates to begin in June, money in politics. A new contender for president on the Republican side.

HOUR THREE: More on immigration and the wall, the top ten richest people in Congress, more on money in government, are public unions necessary? One caller weighs in.


02.14.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 14, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our daily poll question, “Do you believe there’s intelligent life on other planets.” Topics: Montana Legislatures battling over Medicare in Helena, affordable house raises its ugly head again, and a major fire on Babcock on a four-story building under construction.

HOUR TWO: Manafort headed to more lengthy jail term, Canada’s Jordan Peterson may be kicked off YouTube — Shane weighs in. The Trump shutdown may happen on Friday if he fails to sign the bill, more comments on the local fire, Zinke joins lobbying firm in D.C. 

HOUR THREE: Guest Attorney General Tim Fox – AG Fox talked about the legislation being debated in Helena that might affect the DOJ department. We also talked about opioids and child trafficking in Montana.


02.13.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 13, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “Should a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich have ...” Topics: Symphony orchestra leader in hot water with bullying accusations he denies. Money moved around for the new Safety Center for design work, mumps outbreak in Bozeman schools, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New Green Deal.

HOUR TWO: California high speed rail done, more on Mueller, Senate says, “No Collusion,” climate change and the polar ice caps, new mine proposal, and immigration. Congress funding bill, ICE, Electoral College, Paris riots, tariffs, tax freedom day. 

HOUR THREE: Guest Mike McCormick of McCormick Financial Services - Tax Freedom Day, benefits of insurance, annuities, Green Energy investment, how will green energy affect markets, wind farm investment, and the future of artificial intelligence and robots doing work in the future.


02.12.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 12, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our Poll Question of the Day, “How many states have you been in that aren’t where you live?” Topics: City approved new building at 7th and Durston, HRDC getting more money for their warming shelter, sales tax still being considered by the Montana Legislature, Cory Stapleton fined for using office resources to announce his candidacy for Governor.

HOUR TWO: Texters wanted to know more about Canadian Healthcare from Shane, the congress thinks they have a wall deal, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez announces New Green Deal and that got socialist and anti-socialist callers hot.

HOUR THREE: Guest City Commissioner Jeff Krauss talked about the new buildings they approved recently, how city grants work, the trailer park being displaced, and the $4 million Manley Road project.


02.11.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 11, 2019

HOUR ONE: Should Gallatin County add another District Court Judge? Commission to vote on $4 million dollar Manley Road project tonight. More cities are finding ways to come after your guns.

HOUR TWO: Guest Scott Sales Montana Senate President. Scott brings us up to date on all the bills in the legislature as we approach the halfway point.
Guest Danica Jamison, Greater Gallatin United Way. There is a new 2-1-1 phone number you can call for assistance for those who may need Food, Shelter and Clothing Assistance, Counseling, Crisis intervention, Energy Assistance, Mental Healthcare, Disability Services, Drug/Alcohol Programs, Legal Assistance, Parenting Programs, Senior Services, Support Groups and more. See www.Montana211.org for more information.

HOUR THREE: Guest Steve White – BadBills.com – The straw bill is dead, the state song is scheduled for debate, Montana Sales Tax still going and more.


02.08.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 8, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “Poll: Would You Rather Read The Book or See The Movie?” HRDC warming center is falling behind in fund raising for their warming shelter. If you’d like to help you can make a contribution at thehrdc.org. Montana State Frats are giving up hard liquor, elk herd tested for Brucellosis near the Tendoy and Bangtail Mountains, Belgrade firm victim of embezzlement, and sales tax bill introduced in Montana legislature to abolish property tax in exchange for sales tax.

HOUR TWO: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez unveils her Green Peace Plan. Will the valley run out of water? A driller weighs in with some answers. The abortion law overturned by Supreme Court, Jeff Bezos is being sued, Saudi prince says he’d shoot Jamal Khashoggi if he had the chance, Manafort to testify again.

HOUR THREE: Guest Attorney Jennifer Bordy — Today’s topic is one that’s been in the news a lot lately — abortion. Jennifer takes listeners on a trip through the various court decisions from Roe v. Wade to present day.


02.07.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 7, 2019

NOTE: Our recorder was acting up so there are some small skips in the first hour.

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “If you could live forever, when would you want to stop aging?” Go to our website kmmsam.com or our smart phone app, AM 1450 KMMS to vote. Topics: -12 degrees at the studio though most of the show, if you find a fossil on your property do you own it, Montana growth in Gallatin County

HOUR TWO: House to investigate Trump and Russians, Virginia is total disaster with blackface politicians and sexual misconduct allegations, plus callers wanted to know about culture appropriation. Nancy Pelosi says trump comment on partisan investigations were a veiled threat, Spotify making news.

HOUR THREE: Discussion on the abolishment of the Electoral College to elect the president. Can the states do it without congress? Tom., Shane and callers discuss.


02.06.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 6, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “Trump’s State of the Union Address – Hit or Miss?” Poll is open till midnight Wednesday. Topics: Cold weather, six applicants for high school principal spot, legislature makes it harder to pass tax increases, housing costs in Bozeman rising. Free gun locks available around the area. 

HOUR TWO: The Trump State of the Union speech dominated the hour, with callers and texters with comments on the women in white, Schumer, Pelosi and gallery guests. Also, a discussion of GM layoffs planned and plant closings.

HOUR THREE: Guest Mike McCormick – McCormick Financial Services. Why people should consider a Roth IRA for some of your portfolio. With tax time approaching you should make time to sit down with your CPA or financial advisor to make sure you’re not paying too much.


02.04.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 4, 2019

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “How Many Hours A Day Do You Listen To AM 1450 KMMS?” Voting open until midnight 2/4/19. The Super Bowl turned out not to be so super. The game, commercials and the half time show were all lambasted by many viewers. The show didn’t match the hype. A caller talked about a propaganda fund the government set up to favorize the government to national news outlets.  

HOUR TWO: More troops are headed to the southern border, Venezuela has a new president — maybe, housing costs increasing in Bozeman and Montana. Age discrimination court ruling a concern to aging workers.

HOUR THREE: Guest Steve White, BadBills.Com — Discussion of the many bills up before the legislature including, recreational marijuana, taxing churches, getting rid of Lt. Governor’s office, climate change, daylight savings time, sanctuary cities in Montana, sales tax and more.


02.01.19 The KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane

February 1, 2019

FIRST HOUR: Our daily poll question, “Are You Living In Your Dream House?” Topics: Governor Bullock gave his state of the union address Thursday night. Livingston Homeless Shelter opens, MSU food bazaar changes, finalists for the Bozeman High pricipal’s job.

HOUR TWO: More on the abortion issue, getting rid of fossil fuels in 12 years — is that possible? Five things you need to know.

HOUR THREE: Guest Jennifer Bordy Attorney At Law: Jennifer chronicled all the special prosecutors over the years and the various scandals and investigations that have gone on in government. A spirited discussion with some callers.