06.16.18 Open for Business with Tom & Shane

June 17, 2018

HOUR ONE: A short recap of Tom’s recent knee surgery. Also, Tom welcomed new listeners since 5 radio stations shut down over his absence. Trump and the media with G7 and the Shanghai meeting. Plus, Shane feels the Senate will remain in Republican hands and made the case for who the winners will be.

HOUR TWO: Shane continued his predictions this time on the House of Rep. side. Then the two took on the Inspector General report about all the FBI incidents during the 2016 election and the firing of James Comey and others.

HOUR THREE: Shane gave his apology speech for his Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his skirting of the truth regarding tariffs, NAFTA, and other trade practices. The show wrapped up with the Weekly Market Wrap Up of dollars and sense around the world.


05.26.18 Open For Business With Tom & Shane

May 27, 2018

HOUR ONE: Ryan Zipprich joined Tom and Shane for a discussion about the serious financial problems being faced in Illinois. Zipprich is currently working for the re-election campaign of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

HOUR TWO: MSU rejected a research center recently offered by the Koch Bros. Daniele Struppa is the president of Chapman University in Southern California. The university recently turned down a Koch Bros. donation. Mr. Struppa explains why.

HOUR THREE: Spygate was the topic in hour three. The CIA, FBI, Russians, White House, all went under the microscope in this segment. Tom and Shane finished the hour with the weekly market wrap up.


05.19.18 Open for Business With Tom & Shane

May 20, 2018

HOUR ONE: Hour one was all about the Texas School Shooting and many callers weighed in with ideas on what to do — or not do — about guns and how to protect our schools.

HOUR TWO: Tom and Shane answered a listener email about the problems for companies after President Trump ended the Iran Nuclear Deal. There was also discussion about the $4 million in cash that was flown to Iran. Shane started the second half hour with boring news then we moved on to the volcano eruption in Hawaii. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visited the US talking about NAFTA and other agreements we have with both Canada and Mexico. Tom and Shane covered the pros and cons of NAFTA with callers.

HOUR THREE:We moved on to Seattle and the Amazon tax that was passed by the city commission there. Each employee will be taxed .26¢ per hour in the city to pay for the homeless. Tom and Shane and the callers did not feel that made economic sense.

The Market Wrap Up was shorted by a recording problem in the studio but the main topic was the continuing improvement of the economy.


05.12.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

May 13, 2018

Hour One: Guest: City Commissioner Jeff Krauss. Topics included a mobile home park leaving for high rise housing in Bozeman. Tony Kovach of Mobile Home Living News joined the conversation by phone to bring us up to speed on affordable mobile home living.
US Senate Candidate Judge Rus Fagg give us his thoughts on where our federal government should be going in the second half of the hour.

Hour Two: Jeff Krauss, Tom and Shane talked about the upcoming vote on a separate Law & Justice Center as the city decides to work independent of the county. And more on affordable housing.

Hour Three: Tom and Shane talked about the economy, tariffs, the upcoming Korean talks and a caller had a question about our National Debt and what are we going to do about it? Tom and Shane weighed in on that one. And the weekly market wrap up finished out the show.

Open for Business airs every Saturday 11am to 2pm from the studios of AM 1450 KMMS in Bozeman, Montana. Listen live online at kmmsam.com


05.05.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

May 6, 2018

No guests this week so Tom and Shane made up for lost time covering the events of the week as well as some older events they didn't have the time to discuss in detail in previous shows.

Deficits, trade with China, the Mueller Probe, they even got UFO's into the show's second hour. There was also some discussion about the show and the station and it's future. Tom & Shane finished up with the weekly market wrap up. Lots of calls and lots of topics. 


04.28.18 Open for Business With Tom & Shane

April 29, 2018

HOUR ONE / HOUR TWO: Guest Attorney Jennifer Bordy Topics included upcoming Supreme Court decisions, Marijuana State Taxes, DACA rulings, Executive orders and Citizenship requirements.

HOUR THREE: Tom and Shane switched to national news with China, along with the French president’s visit as well as Germany coming to call.

Last Half Hour: Tom and Shane wrap things up with the Market Wrap Up, Stock Market, Oil, Gas, Soybeans, Tariffs, Gold, Silver, Currencies and More.


04.21.18 Open for Business With Tom and Shane

April 24, 2018

First Half Hour: John Rolin of Cowboy Crickets joined Tom and Shane to talk about crickets as a food source. Click HERE to watch Tom Egelhoff eat a Chocolate Chirp Cookie made with Cricket Flour. 

Second Half Hour: Dave Wooten, morning DJ at XL -Country 100.7 FM, talked with Tom And Shane about his new book, "Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried." 

2nd And 3rd Hour: Money manager and investment guru Mike McCormick joined Tom and Shane to discuss the first quarter, the stock market roller coaster ride and more. 

Last Half Hour: Tom, Shane and Mike did the Weekly Market Wrap Up as to what happened in the first quarter and their predicitons of where the markets are headed in the next quarter. 


04.14.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

April 16, 2018

Hour One: First half hour - Guest Morgan Rasmussen of Cedar Rose Farm who provides farm fresh produce that you can by direct from the farmer on a weekly schedule. Delivery Afailable. Very interesting interview and business opportunity.

The Rest of The Show: The rest of the show was mostly about Syria and the attack the president ordered on Friday and the political posturing and positioning thereafter. Many of our callers added their thoughts and opinions for the majority of the afternoon.
Final Half Hour: Tom and Shane end the show with their weekly market wrap up and how the events of the week affected the markets.


04.07.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

April 8, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest: Jeff Krauss - Final four, Bozeman strategic plan, doubling special assessments for parks, housing costs statistics, Helena schools collection of school lunch backlog, migration to Montana.

HOUR TWO:Guest: Jeff Krauss - Rouse road construction update, too many street signs, we hate blinking left turn lights, Baxter repaving, more roundabouts planned, tax assessments and property increases in Bozeman, law and justice center from the cities perspective.

HOUR THREE: Guest: Henry Kriegel, Americans for Properity event on the tax bill coming up the evening of April 17th.

Last half hour- Market Wrap Up With Tom and Shane. 



03.24.18 Open For Business With Tom & Shane - Guest: Jennifer Bordy

March 24, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest: Jennifer Bordy - Contingency fees for attorneys may not be deductible. Jennifer explains how this works and how it might affect you. The kind of whistleblower you are will affect if your judgment is deductible. You might also think twice about having a non-disclosure agreement. Tom and Jennifer talk about various Montana cases and who wins and who loses. Shane also pointed out that Canada is a loser pays country where the US does not. Jennifer and Tom talked about the Uber death in Arizona — who’s libel? Facebook and Cambridge Analytica was also a hot topic. Tom and Shane explained that Obama and Trump both used Cambridge Analytica for their election. Will Facebook have to pay? Can you sue for Climate Change? Jennifer will explain.

NOTE OF Date Clairification: Strategic Communication Laboratories formed Cambridge Analytica to participate in the election process in the United States. It entered the U.S. market in 2012 and was used by Pres. Obama and was also involved in 44 U.S. congressional, US Senate and state-level elections in the 2014 midterm elections. In 2015 it was disclosed that the company had entered the Republican Party presidential primaries for the 2016 election, primarily in support of Ted Cruz. CA is heavily funded by hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer, a major supporter of Cruz and then Donald Trump, and is now under investigation by both the UK and the US governments.

HOUR TWO: Guest: Jennifer Bordy - Jennifer’s question: Why did the recent shooting in Florida spark such a nationwide march when other shootings did not? Lots of viewpoints were brought out on this topic. Who are the sponsors of this particular march? How does social media fit into the mix? What about the Maryland shooting where a good guy killed a bad guy with a gun. What about 2nd Amendment marches? One of our callers suggested we look into an organization called Senior Executive Services. Jenifer responds to my question that if kids are forced to be vaccinated can you require a student to be mentally evaluated? Another caller wanted to talk about the difference between an omnibus bill and a budget bill. Another caller was concerned about $1.3 Trillion spent by the government in only six months.

HOUR THREE: Tom and Shane took on some of the more ridiculous provisions in the Omnibus Spending Bill. Freedom of the press is now the freedom to not share the news unless we like it. Plus, the US Constitution then and now. Two California cities are choosing not to follow the dictates of the state when it comes to Sanctuary Cities. Will others follow? In the last half hour, more Omnibus Bill discussion with a caller and the market wrap up.