10.13.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

October 19, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Attorney Jennifer Bordy – Follow up on the Kavanaugh’s confirmation by the Senate. Jennifer, Tom and Shane gave their thoughts on the upcoming midterms and what will happen with the Supreme Court if there’s a blue wave on Election Day.

Jennifer went over the ballot initiatives coming up in the November election.

HOUR TWO: In hour two mining was a hot topic with more conversation on I-186. The eleven-mill levy was also discussed. Also, Jennifer was asked if she would have taken the Ford case if presented to her? And what the FBI weeklong investigation uncovered. The Supreme Court has asked the 10th Circuit to look into the Kavanaugh controversy.

HOUR THREE: In this hour statute of limitations in Maryland and Montana were discussed. Jennifer filled us in on how long you have to file a charge for various crimes. What is valid evidence and what is circumstantial. What about the Stormy Daniels payoff? Michael Jackson payoff? Why aren’t those extortion? Jennifer explains. Jennifer also explains the legal definition of sexual assault for listeners. Also, the Keystone Pipeline was on some listeners minds. Shane explained why it’s needed. Plus Shane’s Weekly Market Wrap Up.


10.06.18 Open For Business With Tom and Shane

October 8, 2018

HOUR ONE: Special guest Bozeman City Commissioner Jeff Krauss. We started off with a road report of things that didn’t get done. Redo of the Griffin intersection is planned and Cottonwood four lane, the roundabout planned at Durston and Ferguson didn’t get started. The Stucky and Cottonwood roundabout is finished so traffic that diverts around Bozeman is working. Mining Initiative 186 prompted lots of calls.

HOUR TWO: This hour was mostly Kavanaugh wall to wall as we awaited the confirmation vote on the senate floor. Many callers weighed in the Susan Collins Speech on Friday and a rehash of the case.

HOUR THREE: Shane started hour three off with the Weekly Market Wrap Up. Then as the countdown to confirmation continued more discussion between callers Jeff, Shane and Tom on the confirmation of Judge Bret Kavanaugh.


09.29.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

September 30, 2018

HOUR ONE: It was Dr. Christine Ford and Supreme Court Nominee Bret Kavanaugh during the first hour. Many callers expressed their ideas on who was credible and who was not. It appears that a 7th FBI investigation of the event will take place this coming week. Will that clear the air or open an additional can of worms that will drag this out till after the midterms?

HOUR TWO: In the first half hour former Budget Director Dave Lewis was our guest to weigh in on Initiative I-185 that will place a tax on smoke products to subsidize Medicaid. The second hour was more Ford - Kavanaugh as the committee voted to move the vote to the floor after the FBI finishes their work.

HOUR THREE: Shane did the weekly market wrap up and the Ford - Kavanaugh discussion continued with a little bit on the agreement with Mexico, the standoff with Canada and the tariff war. China was also a topic and of course the markets and how the midterms will affect it.


09.22.18 Open for Business With Tom & Shane

September 23, 2018

HOUR ONE & TWO: It was wall-to-wall Kavanaugh for the first two hours as breaking news revealed that Christine Blasey Ford will testify before Congress about alleged sexual misconduct to her by Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh. Reports at showtime were that Dr. Ford would testify on Thursday September 27. Callers had varying opinions about this very important topic. Will Ford’s testimony derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court or is this much ado about nothing?

HOUR THREE: The markets seemed to ignore trade talks and tariffs as the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ all set new records for the year. The upcoming elections and the 25th amendment were also hot topics and of course Shane’s Weekly Market Wrap Up.


09.15.18 Open for Business With Tom & Shane

September 16, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest: Mike McCormick – McCormick Financial Advisors - On September 15, 2008 the financial crisis began with the announcement of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Mike, Tom and Shane go back in time to review how the Great Recession started and where we are today.

HOUR TWO: There was new news about the confirmation of Supreme Court candidate Bret Kavanaugh and that spurred some calls and conversation. President Trump’s control of the media was a hot topic. In the second half hour caller’s texts and tariffs rounded out the hour.

HOUR THREE: We start this hour with Shane’s Weekly Market Wrap Up. Then a Google Employee meeting video is making the rounds on the news networks with Google management discussing how the election of Trump is the end of the world as we know it. I posted a link to the one-hour meeting on my blog. The Nike decision to use National Anthem kneeling Colin Kaepernick as their new advertising poster boy was also covered.


09.08.18 Open for Business With Tom & Shane

September 12, 2018

No Shane this week he had family business to attend to and will return next week.

HOUR ONE: GUEST Bozeman City Commissioner Jeff Krauss and Tom had a fun time talking about the Bozeman Growth policy and I-185 in the second half hour.

HOUR TWO: Are Bozeman residents being taxed to death? Some callers think so. More from callers on I-185 that think the money will be going into the general fund. The Public Safety Center is the police department part of the Law & Justice Center that’s never passed a public vote. Jeff explains where it will be and how it will work.

HOUR THREE: A listener on our text line wanted to know if we’re required by law to run all political ads that are submitted to us? A short remembrance of how Jeff and George Carter hooked up to put Jeff on the air. Is America becoming more socialist, communist one caller wanted our opinions. Is our education system preparing our youth for the real world? We finished the hour with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.


09.01.18 Open for Business With Tom and Shane

September 5, 2018

FYI: Host Tom Egelhoff has been out for three weeks after having knee replacement surgery. He returns for this show)

HOUR ONE: The first half hour Tom, Jennifer and Jacobus spent some time remembering long time KMMS morning show host George Carter who passed away recently. The second half hour attorney Jennifer Bordy discussed the recent court decisions and where the Mueller investigation is headed.

HOUR TWO: The legal upheavals in Washing continued with possible campaign violations, Stormy Daniels payoff. Jennifer also went after the Affordable Care Act and how it affects her personally. Plus, other court cases pending and how the Trump Administration might be affected.

HOUR THREE: The Tester vs Rosendale poll results are analyzed by Tom and Shane. Police violence in Chicago and civil rights violation law suits costing Chicago $600 million dollars this year. Rahm Emmanuel has decided not to run again. (This announced after OFB aired) Open carry guns and the states that allow guns in schools was also discussed. The last half our Shane’s amazing market wrap-up, the Venezuela Inflation rate and more on tariffs and how the world is doing financially and economically and what that means to you.


08.04.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

August 5, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Bozeman City Commissioner Jeff Krauss
In the first hour we spoke with Jeff regarding the City Commission’s movement once again to a Local Option Sales Tax. Many types of taxes were mentioned and there were many points of view from callers.

HOUR TWO: Continuing With Jeff Krauss
In this hour the topic was affordable housing and in particular the definition of same. We talked about some history on this topic and why it’s been so difficult to come up with a workable program.

HOUR THREE: Tom and Shane took on some national news topics. Apple became the first US company to reach a $1 trillion-dollar market value.

Tom and Shane also had a very detailed discussion on China. Are tariffs really necessary in 2018 when we have a global marketplace?

We also talked about a government shutdown. Will Trump stand up to congress to force the two houses to work together? Will Bret Kavanaugh be confirmed and will Tester vote for his confirmation? Will any Democrats break ranks and vote Kavanaugh?

Shane started the last half hour with our Weekly Market Wrap Up. More on Kavanaugh and the upcoming election primaries in critical states for both parties. Check it out. 


07.28.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

July 29, 2018

HOUR ONE: Should “Are you a citizen?” be on the Census in 2020? Trump attorney on Russian meeting, US meddling in elections, Tom explains how the Russians stole the election, how Trump won, Rep. Jim Jordon possible new speaker of the house, Shane pays big bucks for stuff in Canada, America oil independence, what a 4.1 percent GDP growth means, and caller questions and comments.

HOUR TWO: Is Trump shutting China out on trade, text messages from listeners, workforce participation rate, sanctuary city money going to Chicago, welfare work requirements, Facebook and Twitter losses, will millennials vote or stay home, electric cars, caller asks is we’re a socialist country.

HOUR THREE: Tom and Shane review the various income sources of the US and the debt. Workforce numbers, food stamps, President’s Job Approval, Congressional job approval and the direction of the country polls, and the weekly stock market wrap up.

Three-time Mayor and current City Commissioner Jeff Krauss will be our guest on August 4th. See you then.


07.21.18 Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff & Shane Montalban

July 22, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Gallatin County Commissioner Steve White. Steve discussed the County Budget, Salaries, Land Fill, Airport, Gallatin subsidizing other smaller counties, tax increases and the Big Sky State Fair.

HOUR TWO: Tom took some time to debunk the incorrect info about 83 percent of the tax cuts going to the rich. The Rosendale-Tester election was a hot topic because one of them will vote on the next Supreme Court nominee after Kavanaugh. Social media and the intolerance of some people with very extreme political views.

HOUR THREE: Shane covered China and their manipulation of their currency again as a way to beat the tariffs Trump’s proposing. Three hundred-five billion dollars is being repatriated back to the United States. At the same time there will be some changes in buying habits based on products that will be charged tariffs. Tom asked for callers who got more in their take home pay due to the tax cuts to call in. Shane started out the last half hour with the Weekly Market Report. He fills us in on what’s up and what’s down. Median household income the highest it’s been in 50 years. Will WinCo foods becoming back to Bozeman and another caller wanted to know about Trader Joe’s coming to Bozeman.