02.17.18 Open For Business -Guests MT AG Tim Fox - Mike McCormick

February 17, 2018

HOUR ONE: Joined in progress - Mike McCormick, Shane Montalban, and Tom Egelhoff talk current events. The most recent school shooting in Florida was our lead topic. Is there an answer to gun violence? The three debate the topic. In the 2nd half hour Montana AG Tim Fox weighed in on the court decision upholding the prohibition of robocalls.

HOUR TWO: The stock market roller coaster ride. Is it over? Or is the other shoe going to drop? Will interest rates go up in the next few months? A business owner needed help with employee benefits.

HOUR THREE: Markets, tax bill, inflation, and more in the final hour as well as our market wrap up for the week.


02.10.18 Open For Business With Tom & Shane

February 10, 2018

On the February 10, 2018 edition of Open for Business Tom and Shane started off with the wild swings of the markets this week as well as where money is going.

In another segment they talked about the huge spending bill that congress passed and the vote of the continuing resolution till March 23rd.

The budget sequester also was discussed and how it affected the spending bill and of course our weekly market wrap up.


Open for Business Radio Show 02.03.18

February 3, 2018

On the Saturday, February 3, 2018, edition of Open for Business Tom Egelhoff and Shane Mantalban took on the infamous memo released this past week calling the FBI and others into question for their information gathering practices. Callers also wanted to discuss the lack of workers in the area considering how much construction and “help wanted” signs were are seeing around town. Was the train carrying the Republicans to their meeting an assassination attempt? One caller suggested it was. Also another vote on the Continuing Resolution is schedule for February 8th. And much more …


01-27-2018 Open for Business with Tom And Shane

February 1, 2018

On this weeks edition of Open for Business Tom's Weekly podcast "How to Create a Successful Small Town Home-Based Business," an interview with US Senate Candidate Judge Russ Fagg, news of the week that affect your paycheck, and the market wrap up.