12.18.18 KMMS Morning Show with Tom and Shane

December 18, 2018

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day, “Is it time for a viable third party?” Tom responded to a Chronicle op-ed piece that claimed Democrats would win the presidency in 2020 if they would be more populist and gave a lot of free stuff away. Shane talked about the Army Corp of Engineers could build the southern border wall with Dept. of Defense funds. Gen. Flynn sentencing postponed by judge.

HOUR TWO: Montana Attorney General Tim Fox received an “A” rating for his work on child trafficking abuse in Montana. Some discussion about our poll question. Is China working on weather control? Russian misinformation directed at Special Prosecutor Mueller revealed. HRDC Warming Center needs your help. An interview with Tracy Menuez of HRDC.

HOUR THREE: Guest Bozeman Commissioner Jeff Krauss. West Winds Subdivision approved with some affordable housing force on developers by the commission. Downtown parking and where that might be going in the future. Sewer issues in Four Corners and in the future between Belgrade and Bozeman.


12.17.18 KMMS Morning Show with Tom and Shane

December 17, 2018

HOUR ONE: Our daily poll question: Daylight Saving Time – Keep it or Lose it. Global warming conference in Poland, local school bomb threats, Putin to control rap music in Russia, Oscar sells for $400k, CBS to pony up $20 million for “me too” organizations. Seven-year-old dies after illegally crossing the border.

HOUR TWO: Texas judge finds Obamacare unconstitutional, how will healthcare work if it crashes, healthcare in other nations, Bloomberg says flying cars on the way, Tom sees that as a cash cow.

HOUR THREE: Should we be taxed on our labor? Is Wi-Fi in school killing kids? New government report shows Russia interfered in 2016 election. Hungry is on a “slave labor” strike. A caller wanted to know about clean coal technology. Teen vaping from eCigarettes is on the rise among teenagers. Gas prices coming down just in time for Christmas.


12.15.18 Open for Business with Tom and Shane

December 16, 2018

HOUR ONE: Special Guest Money Guru Mike McCormick – Obamacare options after a judge ruled Obamacare unconstitutional. Social Security lockbox, $2.6 Trillion since 1935, stock market fall, Republican spending, disasters and loss of production.

HOUR TWO: More on natural disasters, Zinke gone at the end of the year, Mulvaney new chief of staff, Trump impeachment, bank check limits and ATM’S, Canadian Healthcare, government shut down of 7 agencies, 350,000 non-essential employees staying home.

HOUR THREE: Mike McCormick’s six-point plan for a sound financial future, Wells Fargo fined again, Shane’s Market Wrap Up, and Venezuela’s inflation rate tops one million percent.


12.14.18 KMMS Morning Show with Tom and Shane

December 14, 2018

HOUR ONE: Our poll question of the day. “Moon Landing Real or Fake?” Montanans will be paying more for Christmas Trees than other states. The Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI. Heeb’s Market opening soon. A $100 million-dollar wedding in India. Fashion magazines refuse to put the First Lady on their covers.

HOUR TWO: Judge orders Mueller to turn over interviews with Flynn. American Indians testify before congress regarding growing number of missing women. A caller wanted to know the worst government decisions in the past ten years — Tom and Shane comment. Moon landing and UFO’s.

HOUR THREE: President Trump looking for a new chief of Staff. Canada is building giant Lithium batteries to power their electric grid. President job approval high on the economy.

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12.13.18 Morning Show with Tom and Shane

December 13, 2018

HOUR ONE: Weather, this day in history, ag report, and more. Our poll question this morning, “Will the Democrats Run a Woman in 2020?” There is a lot of flap about women in congress not being considered for chair positions.

HOUR TWO: Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison. Prime Minister May in Great Britain was given a very narrow vote of confidence and has decided she will not run again. Two Canadians have been taken into custody in China in retaliation of the Chinese CEO that was arrested in Vancouver, BC earlier in the week. Electric cars and battery disposal and more.

HOUR THREE: The God Squad joined Tom and Shane to do a remembrance of former morning show host Dominick Brascia. We also discussed handling grief when losing someone close to a holiday and finished out the hour with how we can keep the spirit of the holidays in our hearts all year long.


12.12.18 KMMS Morning Show with Tom & Shane

December 12, 2018

HOUR ONE: Rollback of 1972 Clean Water Act by Trump, new farm bill includes legalization of industrial hemp, our poll question: Wall or No Wall? And Why?

HOUR TWO: Comments and calls on Trump meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Elon Musk and the closing of the GM plants and the wall.

HOUR THREE: Brexit problems for England’s Prime Minister Theresa May. Parliament is asking for a vote of confidence for her. More on the farm bill and legalization of industrial hemp.


12.11.18 The KMMS Morning Show with Tom And Shane

December 11, 2018

HOUR ONE: Our poll question: Who would win a fight between Schumer and Trump? Most all listeners and texters guessed Trump. We also talked about the church in Massachusetts whose Nativity Scene depicted Baby Jesus in a steel cage. (See my BLOG on this topic). 

HOUR TWO: Trump impeachment possibilities and Politically Correctness is running amuck across this nation.  

HOUR THREE: Jeff Krauss joined the fun with everything you ever wanted to know about the city but were afraid to ask. Jeff also announced the possibility of two, count em, two taxes increases the city is proposing. 


12.08.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

December 9, 2018

This week’s show was preempted by basketball at 11:45 AM so it’s about a half hour total after editing out the news and commercials. We talked about two things in the first half hour.

First, the CEO from China who was arrested in Vancouver, BC in Canada for her role in dealing with Iran in violations of US sanctions.

And second, the president’s attorney Michael Cohen has made a plea deal regarding payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal that may cause trouble for Trump. Shane did a brief market report and we finished the abbreviated show with the riots taking place in Paris.


12.01.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

December 5, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Jeff Krauss – Bozeman City Commission. Christmas Stroll weekend, Bobcat playoff, and the drawing power of Bozeman and our vibrant downtown. Jeff discussed salary issues in Bozeman and the cost of living here coupled with our low unemployment. Railway transportation and the growth of Bozeman along with airport expansion.

HOUR TWO: Also, the value and need to expand Gallatin College, the two-year college in Bozeman. The affordable housing and local option sales tax also got some play.

HOUR THREE: Hunger strike at the Southern Border along with some weird laws from Mexico City. Is Trump a liar? Shane and callers get into a spirited discussion on that topic. Shane gives us the weekly market report and we finish up with the President’s trip to China and how that will affect the markets next week.


11.17.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

November 20, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Roger Koopman, Public Service Commission. During this hour we covered the lawsuit Koopman filed against the Bozeman City Commission for alleged illegal campaign practices regarding the Bozeman Public Service Bond Issue during this year’s midterm election.

HOUR TWO: Real ID is finally happening in Montana this January. It’s not required that you have a Real ID but if you want to fly or enter a federal building you will need either a real ID or a passport. Tom and Shane review the procedures for procuring a Real ID. Tom and Shane also spent some time on newly elected New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. We discussed here financial disclosure form since she has revealed that she may not be able to afford and apartment in Washington, DC.

HOUR THREE: Tom mentioned his blog where only one in three people in the US can pass a Citizenship Test. Shane gave the weekly market wrap up and the two discussed how the markets are confused about trade, interest rates, and any possible fallout from the recent midterm elections. We finished off the hour with Amazon finally picking New York as there new headquarters and many were upset at the amount of tax breaks New York give up to get the final decision.