08.04.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

August 5, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Bozeman City Commissioner Jeff Krauss
In the first hour we spoke with Jeff regarding the City Commission’s movement once again to a Local Option Sales Tax. Many types of taxes were mentioned and there were many points of view from callers.

HOUR TWO: Continuing With Jeff Krauss
In this hour the topic was affordable housing and in particular the definition of same. We talked about some history on this topic and why it’s been so difficult to come up with a workable program.

HOUR THREE: Tom and Shane took on some national news topics. Apple became the first US company to reach a $1 trillion-dollar market value.

Tom and Shane also had a very detailed discussion on China. Are tariffs really necessary in 2018 when we have a global marketplace?

We also talked about a government shutdown. Will Trump stand up to congress to force the two houses to work together? Will Bret Kavanaugh be confirmed and will Tester vote for his confirmation? Will any Democrats break ranks and vote Kavanaugh?

Shane started the last half hour with our Weekly Market Wrap Up. More on Kavanaugh and the upcoming election primaries in critical states for both parties. Check it out. 


07.28.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

July 29, 2018

HOUR ONE: Should “Are you a citizen?” be on the Census in 2020? Trump attorney on Russian meeting, US meddling in elections, Tom explains how the Russians stole the election, how Trump won, Rep. Jim Jordon possible new speaker of the house, Shane pays big bucks for stuff in Canada, America oil independence, what a 4.1 percent GDP growth means, and caller questions and comments.

HOUR TWO: Is Trump shutting China out on trade, text messages from listeners, workforce participation rate, sanctuary city money going to Chicago, welfare work requirements, Facebook and Twitter losses, will millennials vote or stay home, electric cars, caller asks is we’re a socialist country.

HOUR THREE: Tom and Shane review the various income sources of the US and the debt. Workforce numbers, food stamps, President’s Job Approval, Congressional job approval and the direction of the country polls, and the weekly stock market wrap up.

Three-time Mayor and current City Commissioner Jeff Krauss will be our guest on August 4th. See you then.


07.21.18 Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff & Shane Montalban

July 22, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Gallatin County Commissioner Steve White. Steve discussed the County Budget, Salaries, Land Fill, Airport, Gallatin subsidizing other smaller counties, tax increases and the Big Sky State Fair.

HOUR TWO: Tom took some time to debunk the incorrect info about 83 percent of the tax cuts going to the rich. The Rosendale-Tester election was a hot topic because one of them will vote on the next Supreme Court nominee after Kavanaugh. Social media and the intolerance of some people with very extreme political views.

HOUR THREE: Shane covered China and their manipulation of their currency again as a way to beat the tariffs Trump’s proposing. Three hundred-five billion dollars is being repatriated back to the United States. At the same time there will be some changes in buying habits based on products that will be charged tariffs. Tom asked for callers who got more in their take home pay due to the tax cuts to call in. Shane started out the last half hour with the Weekly Market Report. He fills us in on what’s up and what’s down. Median household income the highest it’s been in 50 years. Will WinCo foods becoming back to Bozeman and another caller wanted to know about Trader Joe’s coming to Bozeman.


07.14.18 Open For Business With Tom & Shane & Mike McCormick

July 15, 2018

HOUR ONE: GUEST Mike McCormick Financial advisor. Tom talked about the left’s attack on a cancer kid at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for thanking Donald Trump Jr. for a donation. The biggest story of the week was Costco getting rid of their Polish Dog and drink for $1.50 in favor of more healthy fare. Bret Kavanaugh has been nominated to the Supreme court and Tom, Shane and Mike reviewed some of his cases. That of course morphed into the Roe v. Wade discussion. In the second half hour a caller wanted to debate being pro-life and in favor of the pro-death penalty. In spite of the healthy economy the fear of hyperinflation was raised by a caller and discussed. The Fairness Doctrine of equal time for political candidates finished out the hour.

HOUR TWO: Several listeners texted the show and Tom reviewed those topics. The discussion turned to NATO and Trump asking countries to pay their fair share for defense. Oil and gas deals with Germany and Russia on the eve of Trump heading to a Russian summit. A caller corrected some information on voter registration dealing with purging the voter rolls in Montana. With the repeal of Dodd-Frank the Fiduciary Rule is now gone. Mike explains how that affects your investments. Next, 22 Russians were indicted, and the trio discussed what if anything will come of that. As tensions rise around the world will that increase the possibility of nuclear weapons being used? Mike and Shane discussed inflation verses sovereign debt.

HOUR THREE: Mike McCormick gave some tips on money management if you get a windfall of cash from somewhere. Should you retire debt, or invest Mike has the answers. Shane proposed that those who maintain their credit cards should get a better rate. In our last segment Shane gives the market wrap up and Mike covers more on trade deficits and tariffs. Shane compares trade imbalance with China and where the money goes. National debt, government debt and trade deficits finished out the show.


07.07.18 Open for Business with Tom And Shane

July 10, 2018

HOUR ONE: Some corrections to a previous show, abortion, immigration and tariffs dominated the first segment. Statue of Liberty climbing, the Trump Speech, and demonstrators.

HOUR TWO: Some of our liberal listeners wanted me to list the Trump lies so we did a few that popped up in the news. Who will Trump pick for the Supreme Court (Kavanaugh) and we gave our thoughts and predictions. We reviewed the polls between Rosendale and Tester for the Montana Senate race, Trump talking about Healthcare sold across state lines, Canadian tariffs on maple syrup and other commodities, trade wars with China and others.

HOUR THREE: Debt, tariffs, and trade continued in this hour. Tom covered the dangers Sole Proprietors face in business and the national debt finished out the segment. Shane gave the weekly market wrap up and the discussion moved to the VA Healthcare bill Jon Tester authored to finish out the show.


06.30.18 Open for Business with Tom And Shane

July 1, 2018

HOUR ONE: Guest Attorney Jennifer BordyOur Annual Supreme Court Show. Tom, Shane, and Jennifer discuss the recent Supreme Court Rulings. We start with Sarah Sanders and the Red Hen Restaurant refusal of service, and the court ruling on the Trump Travel Ban, The Colorado Gay Wedding Cake decision, and the ruling on Internet Sales Tax.

HOUR TWO: The Supreme Court ruling on public sector Union dues and fees, the purging of voter rolls, is Civil War coming in America, the wearing of campaign clothing to the polls, and Abortion notification ruling.

HOUR THREE: Abortion discussion continued, illegal immigration came up from our callers, if Trump is reelected and appoints more justices will Roe v. Wade be overturned, Shane gives his picks from the list of 25 that President Trump has proposed, Shane gave a brief market wrap up, cell phone privacy was also a recent decision, Jennifer discussed and upcoming case the court will consider on civil forfeitures of property related to illegal drug transactions, and we finished with a Texas case of Gerrymandering that the court upheld did not enfranchise black or Hispanic voters.


06.23.18 Open for Business With Tom And Shane

June 25, 2018

HOUR ONE: Mike McCormick joins the fun with Tom and Shane and the big topic of the hour is immigration. Tom gave the three reasons why Kids are in cages and how immigration might affect the November election. Callers had some interesting perspectives on how the border situation should be handled.


HOUR TWO: Shane, Tom and Mike went after tariffs in hour two and how those have been dragging markets down. The repeal of Dodd-Frank and where the GDP is headed were also a hot topic of the hour. The three also discussed the Fed Rate and how mortgages in Bozeman might be affected in the coming months.


HOUR THREE: Where are we six months into the year? Mike and Shane reviewed the markets, investments, and the recent Supreme Court decision about online sales taxes. The last half hour the trio did the Weekly Market Wrap Up.


06.16.18 Open for Business with Tom & Shane

June 17, 2018

HOUR ONE: A short recap of Tom’s recent knee surgery. Also, Tom welcomed new listeners since 5 radio stations shut down over his absence. Trump and the media with G7 and the Shanghai meeting. Plus, Shane feels the Senate will remain in Republican hands and made the case for who the winners will be.

HOUR TWO: Shane continued his predictions this time on the House of Rep. side. Then the two took on the Inspector General report about all the FBI incidents during the 2016 election and the firing of James Comey and others.

HOUR THREE: Shane gave his apology speech for his Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his skirting of the truth regarding tariffs, NAFTA, and other trade practices. The show wrapped up with the Weekly Market Wrap Up of dollars and sense around the world.


05.26.18 Open For Business With Tom & Shane

May 27, 2018

HOUR ONE: Ryan Zipprich joined Tom and Shane for a discussion about the serious financial problems being faced in Illinois. Zipprich is currently working for the re-election campaign of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

HOUR TWO: MSU rejected a research center recently offered by the Koch Bros. Daniele Struppa is the president of Chapman University in Southern California. The university recently turned down a Koch Bros. donation. Mr. Struppa explains why.

HOUR THREE: Spygate was the topic in hour three. The CIA, FBI, Russians, White House, all went under the microscope in this segment. Tom and Shane finished the hour with the weekly market wrap up.


05.19.18 Open for Business With Tom & Shane

May 20, 2018

HOUR ONE: Hour one was all about the Texas School Shooting and many callers weighed in with ideas on what to do — or not do — about guns and how to protect our schools.

HOUR TWO: Tom and Shane answered a listener email about the problems for companies after President Trump ended the Iran Nuclear Deal. There was also discussion about the $4 million in cash that was flown to Iran. Shane started the second half hour with boring news then we moved on to the volcano eruption in Hawaii. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visited the US talking about NAFTA and other agreements we have with both Canada and Mexico. Tom and Shane covered the pros and cons of NAFTA with callers.

HOUR THREE:We moved on to Seattle and the Amazon tax that was passed by the city commission there. Each employee will be taxed .26¢ per hour in the city to pay for the homeless. Tom and Shane and the callers did not feel that made economic sense.

The Market Wrap Up was shorted by a recording problem in the studio but the main topic was the continuing improvement of the economy.